Tuesday, March 14, 2017


You guys!  I get married in FIVE DAYS!

In case you were wondering where I've been (I'm sure you haven't, since I'm pretty sure my only readers are those who know exactly where I've been... hi mom!), I've been doing stuff.

I went to a conference and learned lots of awesome things, including the proper way to parade down Bourbon Street,

and that biegnets and cafe au lait are the best way to end a long day of conferencing.

I also knit on the plane... both on the way there

And on the way back

I made boutonnieres and bouquets... and by "I made" I really mean "I watched while my BFF made and I did some hot glue-ing where she told me to"

I got a legal document saying I'm allowed to get married

I received this incredible gift from my grandmother, who stitched this for me before she died.

It has actually been in my possession since she passed away, in the bin of stitching things I inherited from  her.  I had no idea it was for me.  But one day my (sneaky, sneaky) mom came in and stole it and had it framed and then brought it back with a note saying that it was always meant for me, specifically to be my wedding present.  There were SO MANY TEARS.

I picked up my dress, and had my hair and makeup trial.

I got nominated for an award at school.

The only real stressful thing was losing a diamond in my engagement ring

I have no idea how, where, or when... I just looked down and it was gone... but our awesome jeweler said he could fix it before the wedding, so mischief managed.

There are still things to do this week (can you say centerpieces), but I'm actually starting to feel like this is for real.  It's been a long time in the planning and it's weird to realize that this whole thing will be over in 5 days.

Then I will be somebody's wife.

How weird is that?

ps.  Have I ever mentioned that I have the very best mom?  She is the best one.  All the crazy things that I've said I wanted during this process, and all the ways in which I've been stubborn and insisted on doing everything myself, without letting her help at all, she's just taken them all in stride.  And, she's super excited to have pie instead of cake.  I'm the luckiest.

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