Friday, May 5, 2017

Knitting on a Deadline

Oh friends, you know how much I love knitting gifts for people.  It's one of my favorite things.  But, the one thing that can take the pleasure out of such endeavors is being up against a deadline.

I try hard not to  do it to myself.  I try and plan ahead so that I can finish a project in a leisurely fashion and never have it feel like a chore.

What can I say?  I may have screwed up this one.

Old Toll Road has a hard deadline of May 18, but I am nowhere near in shape to have it finished in the next 13 days,
 much less give it time for a soak and a block.  

It's been particularly hard the last week or so to get any good knitting time in, or when I am able to, my brain has been so whacked out on prednisone that I couldn't concentrate on the lace.  The result is that I finished this sock:

But that doesn't help with the deadline.

And then, to make matters even worse, the Bella girl has wanted nothing but snuggles these last few rainy days...
And how can I say no to that?

Maybe there's hope though.  This weekend is supposed to be drab and rainy, which will keep me indoors, with the exception of going to graduation on Sunday, so hopefully I can get a good chunk of knitting done while the crazy one sleeps...

Here's hoping...

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